Our Key Differentiators
Professionally Managed

Professionally managed with latest management techniques in all areas including cost and expense management, governance and effectiveness.


Regular and frequent assessment and publishing of the impact of the programs.


Detailed analytics used to measure the effectiveness of the programs and the efficiency of the the organisation in using resources.





Technology Driven

In the field of Education, use of software to track and manage students and programs; use of video conference and on-line facilities for remote teaching and training by use of mobile tools and technologies such as tablets, smartphones and projection equipment.


Leverage Social Media and Web based marketing for fund raising campaigns. 

Matryoshka Model of GivingTM

Encourage the beneficiaries to “give-back” to promote a give-back culture. Like the Matryoshka doll model, where one doll holds multiple smaller dolls, similarly one action of giving-back sets off a benefits chain. 


Value Based Education 

Sai's Angel Foundation strives to weave values education into each of its class, whether it is Gujarati, English or Math. While the list of desirable values an ideal citizen should have is long, Sai's Angel Foundation lays emphasis on imparting core values to the students. These core values are Trustworthiness, Respect,Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

Call us: +91-8076024146   /  sevak.saisangel@gmail.com 

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