VadikshaScholar/Whizkid 100 Programme

In the course of intervention through the SmartCamp Program and also through a well-defined open selection process, the Foundation identifies brilliant and hardworking students from low income and less-privileged families, who the Foundation believes, can achieve their ambition in life if supported, guided and mentored properly. Based on the experience, the Foundation strongly believes that these students do need special coaching and also close guidance and mentoring in all subjects on a daily basis to bring out their full potential and succeed in the competitive environment, in view of the adverse economic and social environment prevailing in their respective households.


The Foundation has been running such a Programme named VadikshaScholar since September 2015 with highly encouraging results. Till date, the Foundation has supported more than 30 students under the Programme.


As the Foundation, now, intends to support, guide and mentor 100 such students at any point of time, the Programme is being named as Whizkid 100 Programme. The Programme intends to cover 100 students of classes 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th during the academic year 2021-22 and beyond.


  • Identification of brilliant students from low income and less-privileged families through a well-defined Selection Process.

  • Providing educational support in the form of provision of books, stationeries, regular coaching and tracking of progress of each student.

  • Four hours of daily coaching & mentoring (with extensive use of digital learning resources, wherever required) covering all the subjects in the science and commerce streams.

  • Providing individual tablets and mobile phones to students, wherever required.

  • Providing digital content of the subjects for use at their respective homes.

  • Develop learning by facilitating participation in Science creative activities.

  • Regular tracking and monitoring the progress of individual students.

  • Taking assessment and test on regular basis, with performance of the students shared through regular interaction with school teachers and the Principals.


  • Raise the academic levels of students by providing regular coaching and close guidance and mentoring.

  • Assist the students in their holistic development through workshops and exposure to talks on personality development, career options and social issues by various experts.

  • Improve general knowledge, spoken English capabilities and debating skills.

  • Inculcate social sensitivity with the objective of giving back to the society.


  • Students who are presently (in academic year 2020-21) in 8th and 10th classes and would be entering 9th and 11th classes in the academic year 2021-22.

  • Students whose yearly family income is Rs.1,50,000/- or less.

  • Students who have been performing with 75% or above in each academic year.

Selection/Screening Process:

The selection process for Whizkid 100 involves sourcing applications from students of various government, municipal and granted schools of Vadodara and conducting a screening test for shortlisting of students. The process followed is as under.

  1. Information seminar: The Whizkid 100 programme begins with a systematic campaigning about the programme in government, municipal and granted schools of Vadodara. In the Seminar, detailed information about the Programme, Eligibility, Process of selection are explained to parents, students and teachers (if they attend).

  2. Entrance test: A well designed Entrance Test is conducted on the pre-fixed date. The test is designed by experts engaged by SAF encompassing subject-knowledge, logical-reasoning and General Knowledge.

  3. Shortlisting of students: Based on the merit, the list of shortlisted students is prepared and published.

  4. Interview of parents & students: Interviews of short listed students and their parents are conducted for understanding the socio-economic position of the family and family’s support towards education of their children.

  5. Two weeks observation period: The short listed students are closely observed for a period of two weeks to assess their ability and drive.

  6. Home visit: During this period, home visits of the short listed students by the team of SAF are carried out to assess and ascertain the economic conditions of the family of the students.


Thus, the students for Whizkid 100 Programme are selected based on merit as well as the economic status of their families. In addition, factors such as parental support and their attitude towards education of their children are also considered.

Mode of Intervention:

The students continue to receive formal class room teaching of their respective classes in their respective schools. Under the project, these students get additional coaching on the relevant subjects using modern methods and technology by trained and experienced teachers to enable them to improve their academic performance. Along with academics, the Programme also aims at holistic development of these students.


The programme is run by SAF in the rented premises of SAF, where students attend after their school hours. The coaching is given by trained and professional teachers engaged by SAF, either directly or through an identified coaching class. Such a coaching class is identified based on its performance and reputation. The coaching covers all the subjects for a duration of four hours daily. Extensive use of digital learning resources are done.

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