E-SmartCamp (e-vidya e-smartcamp)


             Location:                         Mandvi & Mundra Taluka, Kutch Gujarat.

             Schools:                         18 schools of Mandvai and Mundra Taluka.

             Students:                        Approximately 1800 students from Classes 6th, 7th and 8th (2020-21 Academic Year).

             Intervention Duration:     Semester I from 4th August 2020 to 31st October 2020 &

                                                    Semester II from 7th December 2020 to 15th February 2021


  1. Whatsapp groups of 18 schools created and online teaching carried out through prepared videos and worksheets.

  2. Daily videos along with worksheets sent to the students on Maths, English and science.

  3. Workbook of 50 pages prepared and distributed to all 1800 students before beginning of Semester I with a view to provide hands on learning.

  4. Once a week art & craft activities to improve happiness index of the students.

  5. As a part of science creative activities, students are encouraged to prepare science models.

  6. Weekly videos on General knowledge question sent to provice a holistice learning opportunity to the students.

  7. Twice a week Live-class carried out to solve the querries of students.

  8. SAF tracking team contact each student every two-three days to provide handholding and needed guidance to the students.

  9. Baseline tests each at the beginning and end of Semester I was conducted to measure the progress of the students. Goalwise tests also conducted to track gradual progress of the students.


  1. Successful completion of Semester I e-vidya e-smartcamp with 837 positive students participating actively in the project.

  2. During Semester I, as a part of content creation for online teaching, 30 videos of Maths, 12 videos of English, 2 videos of Science, 6 videos of art and craft and 6 videos of G.K. were created by the SAF team.

  3. Students responded enthusiasticly during making of science models and art and craft activities.

  4. During Semester I, 5 goals were covered in Math and 6 goals were covered in English. Goal wise tests were taken.

  5. Students were active through hands-on-work and did revision work with the workbooks, which were highly appreciated by school authorities and parents..

  6. Each student was tracked for progress. On an average, 500 students were being contacted through telephonic calls.  

  7. During Semester I, 20 live classes were conduced and on an average, about 65 to 70 students participated in each of the live class.

  8. Baseline test at the end of Semester I for Maths and English showed a clear increase in % of students scoring between 75-100%. It increased from 53% to 90% in Maths and 17% to 66% in English.

  9. 300 students gave the final test. 77% of students in Maths, 43% of students in English and 45% of students in Science scored between 75-100%.

   Extra Initiatives:

  1. SAF team put up extra efforts in spite of COVID-19 pandemic. SAF team visited 7 schools and met students at the school. Importance of e-vidya e-smartcamp was explained to the students and how to watch videos on different subjects was demonstrated. Worksheets were given to those students who had not previously collected the same.

  2. During such school visit, the activity of ‘hand washing technique’ was carried out with a view to bring awareness for prevention of COVID-19.

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